Coachella Valley

Environmental Health Leadership Summit 2014


2nd Annual Coachella Valley Environmental Health Leadership Summit
"Community Engagement For A Healthier Coachella Valley"
Saturday May 24, 2014
Desert Mirage High School, Thermal California

7:30 - 8:30 a.m. (60 min)
Registration and Continental Breakfast
8:30 - 8:50 a.m. (20 min)
Welcome Address Multi-purpose Room 101
Eduardo Guevara, Executive Director, Promotores Comunitarios Del Desierto
Kevin Kelley, General Manager, Imperial Irrigation District
John Benoit, Riverside County Supervisor
08:50 - 9:10 (20 min)
Opening Speaker Multi-purpose Room 101
Arcela Nuñez-Alvarez, PhD, CSUSM
9:10 - 10:00 (50 min)
Keynote Speaker Multi-purpose Room 101
Commissioner Catherine J.K. Sandoval, Commissioner at the Public Utilities Commission (CPUC)
Catherine J.K. Sandoval was appointed by Governor Jerry Brown in January 2011 to serve as a Commissioner at the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC). Her appointment and confirmation to that post made her the first Latino to serve as a CPUC Commissioner in the agency's 100-year history.
10:00 - 10:10 (10 min)
10:10 - 11:20 (1 hr 10 min)
Morning Sessions
A. Creating Healthy, Equitable Communities: Collaboration is Key Room: Faculty 123
Sandy Viera, MPA- Prevention Institute
Moderator: Rosie Nava

Transforming neighborhoods and improving health, safety and equity outcomes for communities are critical to social and environmental justice. This session will provide an overview of the role of community environments-the places where people live, work, and play- in supporting health and equity. Profiles of community success stories in transforming neighborhoods will be shared as well as tools and frameworks focused on collaboration that can be valuable across issues and efforts.

B. Beauty of the Salton Sea Region, Renewable Energy and You! Classroom 105
Imari Kariotis- Salton Sea West Shores Growth Association
Christine Lange- Photographer, Salton City Resident
Moderator: Maria Elena Kennedy

Explore the exquisiteness of the Salton Sea and how the Salton Sea Communities are concerned about the renewable energy rush around the Salton Sea Region and how it will affect those individuals living around the Salton Sea and communities far beyond.

How you can be your own best proponent in helping shape a healthy, vibrant Salton Sea Region for future generations.

Topics covered: Salton Sea Region, Renewable Energy, Health, and Activism.

C. The Coachella Valley - As It Was, As It Is & As It Can Be Classroom 104
US Green Buildings Council
John Purcell, Friends of the Desert Mountain
Jacqueline Danos-Purcell, Board Member & Community Outreach Manager USGBC-inland Empire Branch
Moderator: Sam Torres

In order for people to live healthy enjoyable lives nature must be part of their everyday existence. Without it we become ill both mentally and physically.

In order for people to prosper financially development must occur; homes built, businesses created, transportation developed.

Amazingly these two divergent needs can be accomplished when government, business and land conservationists work together. This is what the Multiple Species Habitat Conservation Plan is, does, and why it is important to us all.

D. A Sustainable Salton Sea Classroom 102
Bruce Wilcox, Environmental Manager, Imperial Irrigation District
Jason Low, SCAQMD Atmospheric Measurements Manager
Moderator: Rudy Gutierrez, Coachella Valley Representative, SCAQMD
South Coast AQMD updates on Air Quality and Air Monitoring in Coachella Valley and Salton Sea Area. A review of the individual projects within the region.
E. Sustainable Agriculture in a Farm Worker Economy Classroom 101
Lupe Martinez, Deputy Director, Center for Race Poverty & The Environment (CRPE)
Moderator: Hidali Garcia

This workshop is an introduction to why pesticides are a problem to you and your children, our food system and what are the alternatives, how can we eat healthier and taking care of our environment at the same time. From climate change to pressure on small growers, the need to create a sustainable agricultural system has never been more critical as it is today. Not using pesticides is a key part of a safe, sustainable food system, as are fair labor practices and access to healthy food for all. As leaders shaping vision and practice, we will speak about the challenges being faced and the opportunities that can be seen in building a thriving food system in California.

We will see a power point on our industrial food ag system, from field to table, to our so unhealthy food we serve our families. We will do a presentation on how we are confronting those challenges in the San Joaquin Valley, dealing with the poverty, access to healthy foods, to educating and having something for our children learn from.

11:20 - 11:30 (10 min)
11:30 - 12:30 (60 min)
Community Planning 101 Multi-purpose Room 101
Miguel Vazquez, AICP
Healthy Communities Planner for the Riverside County Department of Public Health

This session will introduce the audience to the basic components constituting a City and/or County General Plan and how land use planning can assist communities to address health disparities. Additionally, participants will learn about current planning efforts in the eastern Coachella Valley related revision to General Plans and how the community can get involved to enrich land use planning decision-making.

12:30 - 1:30 (60 min)
Hosted Lunch Building H-12 Aux. Gym 115
Special Presentation: IQ Air- Morris Young, Commercial Projects Division Manager
La Union de la Fuerza, through advocacy efforts, partnered with IQ Air to implement an air filtration system in the Coachella Valley Unified School District. Members Guadalupe Rosales and Celia Garcia will be presenting an Eastern Coachella Valley family affected by severe asthma with a state of the art air purifier, compliments of IQ Air. This presentation highlights a successful community partnership with private enterprise.
Special Guest Speakers
V. Manuel Perez, Majority Floor Leader Assemblymember, 56th District
Raul Ruiz M.D., Congressman 36th District
1:30 - 2:30 (60 min)
Plenary: Multi-purpose Room 101
Facilitated by Colin Bailey-EJCW "Thirsty for Justice: the struggle for the human right to water"
Panel Participants: Guadalupe Rosales, Celia Garcia, Dr. Ryan Sinclair

In the richest nation on earth, and wealthiest state in the nation, how can so many people lack access to safe affordable water for their basic human needs? The new documentary film, Thirsty for Justice, shares powerful stories of those who suffer from this assault on their personal health and human dignity, as well as the inspiring story of the grassroots movement that made the human right to water the law of the land in California. Let's make that right a reality!

2:30 - 2:40 (10 min)
2:40 - 3:40 (60 min)
A Sustainable Oasis Multi-purpose Room 101
Afternoon Keynote - Eric Corey Freed Architect
Founding Principal, organicARCHITECT
LEED Accredited Professional (BD+C)
Honorary Fellow, Institute of Green Professionals
Author, "Green Building & Remodeling for Dummies"

The next generation of buildings can't simply continue trying to be "less bad" or make us feel guilty for our lifestyles. What is needed are living, regenerative buildings that do no harm and repair the damage we've done. In this talk we will explore new models for how to transform our buildings into living habitats.

Net zero building has come to mean much more than zeroing out the energy use. In order to prepare for our inevitable post-carbon economy, our buildings must offset their energy use, water use and carbon emissions. We will learn the lessons of nature, science fiction and overcoming fear to build in a radically new way.

By examining the emotional, psychological and financial reasons why we design the way we do, you'll learn a better way to sell your clients on greening their buildings. We'll uncover specific, bold ideas for how to retrofit new and existing buildings.

3:40 - 3:50 (10 min)
3:50 - 4:30 (40 min)
IVAN Plenary Multi-purpose Room 101
Cesar Campos, Coordinator, Central California Environmental Justice Network
Ryan Atencio, Engineer, California Air Resources Board
Jon Rokke, Water Resource Control Engineer, Colorado River Regional Water Quality Control Board
Moderator: Rosie Nava, Executive Director

A team of local and regional professionals will discuss the history and practical application of the IVAN model. A community tool for everyone, from residents to government, IVAN is an environmental monitoring system that connects the community with real people who can help solve local environmental problems. This is the first community-based environmental reporting program of its kind in California which is available in five communities including the Coachella Valley. Environmental hazards can be reported directly online via computer or Smartphone or by phone. The IVAN app is downloadable using the Apple Store or Google Play.

Hosted Networking (refreshments and appetizers) 4:30pm

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