Community members participate in an 2022 Earth Day celebration at Comite Civico del Valle, Inc. | PHOTO CREDIT: VICTOR BEAS/CCV

Over the past year, Comite Civico Del Valle has continued to fight for environmental justice for the Salton Sea region, ensure equity and economic benefits for the Lithium Valley communities, and trailblaze the Valley’s access to Electric Vehicle (EV) chargers.

With increased focus on the region, the coming year brings more opportunity to increase outreach and advance environmental justice initiatives for Salton Sea communities. Disproportionate health impacts among Imperial County’s most vulnerable populations continued. Those issues continually need more champions, and now the environmental justice community brings a call to action to help to steward Lithium Valley, ensuring equity and justice for the fenceline communities who would be most affected by lithium extraction projects.

The Environmental Health Leadership Summit is an opportunity to learn from each other as we address the past, engage the present, and build the leaders of the future environmental justice movement.

Comite Civico Del Valle proudly welcomes you to join the 12th Environmental Health Leadership Summit on November 2nd and 3rd at the Old Eucalyptus Schoolhouse. The Summit is a coordinated action to cultivate partnerships and advocacy for environmental and health concerns in underserved communities within the Salton Sea Air Basin and throughout California.

With over 30 years of advocating for environmental justice communities, as well as their innovative community air monitoring leadership role, Comite Civico Del Valle unifies diverse experts, community stakeholders, youth leadership, environmental justice organizations, academia, and researchers to help centralize their commitment to improving air quality and social injustices through advocacy and education.

The 2023 Summit creates a dynamic platform for attendees to experience two days of interactive enrichment through workshops, panels, and presentations aimed at stimulating discussion and excitement for various topics surrounding environmental and public health.

"Informed people build healthy communities"

Participants in Comite Civico del Valle, Inc.'s 2019 Environmental Health Leadership Summit at Imperial Valley College listen to one of the summit's panel speakers. | PHOTO CREDIT: CCV STAFF


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